Art program, performance and research that looks at clotheslines.

"On the Line" is a Riverside, California based program of art, performance and research that looks at clotheslines to explore aesthetic, social and ecological connections of all kinds. The project started with Susan Ossman’s 2013 solo exhibition at the Brandstater Gallery. The project gained momentum when 20 artists and anthropologists joined to remake of that first exhibition in "On the Line: a Second Look" also at the Brandstater Gallery. In 2015, the circle of "On the Line" expanded with "Hanging Out " at the Afterimage gallery at the University Village mall. Performers, ethnographers and the audeince participted in developing these events and producing an archive of "laundry stories". Artists drew on these narratives to make new work for 3 exhibitions in 2016 when “ On the Line” moved out of the gallery and into Riverside's neighborhoods. Visual artists, choreographers, musicians and storytellers from Southern California and beyond met with the public to explore connections between art and ordinary actions like washing and drying clothes outside the Arlanza, La Sierra and Casa Blanca Libraries..

  • Arlanza Library, Riverside, CA

  • La Sierra Library, Riverside, CA

  • Casa Blanca Library, Riverside, CA

  • On the Line: The Film